Touchwin xinje download

Touchwin xinje

Support the communication between XC series PLC and PC, can perform wireless program upload/download/monitor and Touchwin SCADA. Replace the cable. Two com ports can communication independently and realize multi-THs communicate with one PLC. Type notes: Series. Model. LCD size. Resolution. ( pixel). File: TouchWin V Uploaded: Modified: File Size: 24 MB. Downloads: Version: Download.

XINJE PLC XC Series, XINJE PLC XD Series. XCP-Pro VQ Touchwin V2.d. 1k(TG). 32 Mb. Touchwin V2. Touchwin Software Manual · TP Series Manual. Input user name, company name and serial number. The serial number is: or Xinje TouchWin. (note if the letter is in capital or. Install drivers before TouchWin software. 2. Choose the version of the operating system panel. Version of the panel is given on the label on the rear panel.

INSTALLATION AND UNINSTALLATION OF TOUCHWIN EDITING SOFTWARE. CDROM or enter the xinje company website to get the. Get the software. Please download the software on 2. PC hardware requirements. CPU: INTEL Pentium II and higher. Memory: larger than 64MB. Xinje THM Manual Online: Touchwin Software. Preparation 1. Software version: V2.C and later versions. 2. Software source: visit Xinje.