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Borderlands 2 bee shield

The Bee is a legendary Amplify Shield made by Hyperion in Borderlands 2. The Bee is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Hunter Hellquist located in Arid Nexus - Boneyard. The Bee/Variant Chart - Amplify Shield - Talk:The Bee - Hunter Hellquist. 2 Mar - 2 min Borderlands 2 - How to Farm The Bee Fast (Drops in the Video) See also: The Bee/Pre. 17 Jun - 4 min - Uploaded by Ki11er Six Bee Shield farming made easy in Borderlands 2. Get this Legendary shield fast using this.

To get "The Bee" Shield you need to: Travel to the Arid Nexus - Boneyard using the fast travel system. Tavel east until you reach the building labeled "Hyperion Truth Network". An elevator is located directly behind the structure, and should be located on the ground level. Push the button for the door. Go to Arid Nexus Boneyard and then to the Hyperion Truth Network. Take the Hyperion Lift up to the Radio Station and kill Hunter Hellquist. The shield is a very rare drop so it most likely won't drop first time. Hi guys, few hours ago I found The Bee shield (level 45, dropped from a Treant from the latest DLC), I remember people claiming that it's.

Borderlands 2 Anybody got tips on fastest way to farm a bee shield? I did farm hunter hellquist for about 2 hours, and got 3 bee drops. How to get Borderlands 2's arguably best sheild in the game. When the Bee shield regains all of its shields, a distinct buzz sound can be. The Bee Shield is an extremely rare Legendary Shield in Borderlands 2 that offers high amp shot damage, improved shield recharge rate, increased recharge .