Java persistence api 2: hibernate, eclipselink, openjpa und erweiterungen download

EclipseLink is an advanced, object-persistence and JPA – For object-relational persistence, supporting the JPA (Java standard APIs such as JPA, and JAXB as well as EclipseLink-specific extensions to those standards. Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference for EclipseLink, Release Table @Index Annotation Elements Eclipse IDE Extensions · Android Programming · Web · Java This tutorial explains how to use the Java persistence API. implementations are Hibernate, EclipseLink and Apache OpenJPA.

Rfbproxy download

rfbproxy. rfbproxy is a program for recording, playback, and video conversion of Virtual Network Computing (VNC) screen sessions. The heart of VNC is the RFB . rfbproxy is a simple proxy for VNC, which allows recording of screen updates, key presses and mouse events, for later replay to a VNC client or export as a.

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