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Be aware that you can not encode the whole URL with this function but you need In recent versions of Delphi (tested with XE5), use the URIEncode function in. To open a browser on a specific given URL use: ShellExecute(self. WindowHandle,'open','',nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);. If the URL is not hard. Calling a RESTful web service using Indy is pretty straight forward. Add IdHTTP to your uses clause. Remember that IdHTTP needs the "HTTP://" prefix on your.

Download file from URL with Delphi or Lazarus. This example shows how to download a file using Delphi or Lazarus, the following features are. Please, help with your knowledges, which component of Delphi 7 can decode/ encode URL string (like TNMURL at the Delphi 4)? Thanks. LNK shortcuts, Internet Shortcuts point to an URL (web document). Here's how to create file, Internet Shortcut, using Delphi.

I am using a php script to determine the number of users using a program which i have created. When the program is started or ended, a php script, hosted in a. Recipes to master Delphi for IoT integrations, cross-platform, mobile and function Get(const URL: String): IHTTPResponse; function Post(const URL: String ;. Example 7: Convert an URL / HTML file into PDF from Delphi, Print Example. procedure createPDF(); var DC, IE: Variant; RVal: Integer; docToConvert.