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Stonekeep gog

Immerse yourself in an epic experience more powerful and realistic than anything you've imagined. Using innovative technology Stonekeep draws you into its. 2, Stonekeep; Khull-Khuum disappears. 1. groo groo Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Please, try again later. As Drake, a young adventurer, you'll have to explore the ruins of Stonekeep, defeat the evil god Khull-Khuum and reclaim the land.

ceban says:First RPG I've plyaed; Great scenario, amazing adventure, beautifull music - all of this describe Stonekeep. 0removeupdown. So, I just bought stonekeep, I had this game when it first released and nothing has replaced it as my favorite. problem is, now it's just this small. First, is there anyway to improve the graphics on Stone keep without making the game run in a small window. I'm not interested in a user made.

play the a little bit. the best setting for me so far is double up memory for dos, use openGL, full screen with 2xsai scalar. I have two. Sorry if this belongs on the specific Stonekeep forum page, but I thought asking here might get me a faster response. My problem is that I am on. Stonekeep Download, Stonekeep @ (buy):: Stonekeep is a computer role-playing game for DOS by Interplay Entertainment.