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Sybase ecda

ECDA gives you the ability to access a variety of LAN-based, non-Sybase data sources, as well as mainframe data sources. It consists of components that. ECDA is an integrated set of software applications and connectivity tools that allow Replication Server to replicate to non-Sybase DBMSs, including IBM DB2. In a Sybase replication system, the purpose of an ECDA database gateway is to apply transactions from a Replication Server to a non-ASE replicate database.

ECDA Option for Oracle provides Open Client™ access to Oracle databases. It operates in conjunction with the Component Integration Services feature of. ECDA includes: DirectConnect, which works standalone or behind Adaptive Server and Replication Server to provide dynamic access to DB2 UDB, Informix, . Before Sybase introduced ECDA , its options were sold as individual DirectConnect products named “DirectConnect for [target].” You will see the name.

There is now a wiki site for the former Sybase Mainframe Access and. Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA) products. There are how-to. Product Description. Enterprise Connect Data Access. Enterprise Connect Data Access provides the fundamental building blocks for. 1) Pulling data from SQL server to Sybase through ECDA connection in sybase server 2) Transferring or Pushing Data to sybase through linked server in SQL. SAP ENTERPRISE SUPPORT FOR ECDA OPTION.