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Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) statement "Islam began as something strange" means that before his coming the people were on misguidance. Ghuraba (Arabic: غرابة ) was a Palestinian Arab village in the Safad Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the War on May 28, by the Palmach's First . Ghuraba al-Sham was a group of jihadists of Turkish and former Eastern bloc origin who smuggled foreign fighters to Iraq, intervened in Lebanon during the.

al-Ghuraba Media (al-Ghuraba= Strangers) defines itself as part of the "Media Front to Support the Islamic State." It recycles IS official media content and puts out. The latest Tweets from Ghuraba (@Al_firdausiA): "It's our responsibility my brothers & sisters to ask Allah to ease the hardships of the oppressed and give us . [We are] strangers and we do not bow the foreheads to anyone besides Allah [ We are] stranger and we have chosen this to be the motto of life.